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WTESmartBizOnline offers a comprehensive internet marketing tools…. daily gathering of potential buyers information including emails, multi posting of your product offers to 50 B2B portals simultaneously, robot Search Engine submission of your website address to 50 international search engine worldwide, search for international buyers, send private emails to a database of prospect clients, e-catalogue and a Dynamic Website which can be edited and changed anytime you want.
You will have a website that is easily updated and the tools to push our products internationally with WTE.SmartBizOnline.
WTEww.Buyers (WTE Worldwide Buyers)
WTEww.Buyers will give you listings of potential buyers (according to main product category) directly to your email - what products they are looking for, who they are, their contact numbers, emails etc. Just choose a category that best describe your products/services and we will send the list of interested buyers to you.
For More Information, Please go to http://wteww.wtexpo.com
WTEmo.Posting (WTE Multi Offer Posting)
WTEmo.Posting will post your offer to sell, offer to buy, offer for biz opportunities and offer for agency to many B2B marketplace worldwide. 1 image can be uploaded. WTEmo.Posting will get your company/products/services exposed to many worldwide B2B marketplaces.
For More Information, Please go to http://wtemo.wtexpo.com
WTEse.Robot (WTE Search Engine Robot)
WTEse.Robot will submit your website address, title, keywords and description to many worldwide search engines. You can resubmit to these search engines as often as you like. WTEse.Robot will get your website listed on many top search engines worldwide.
For More Information, Please go to http://wtese.wtexpo.com
WTEib.Search (WTE International Buyers Search)
WTEib.Search will search for potential buyers by using a few keywords which best describe your potential buyers. WTEib.Search will give you potential buyers' information such as company name, contact info, email etc.
For More Information, Please go to http://wteib.wtexpo.com
WTEpo.2buyers (WTE Private Offer to Buyers)
WTEpo.2buyers enables you to send your private offers or mails to a database of email recipients and to B2B marketplace worldwide. Hence, WTEpo.2buyers saves you time - send the same email to as many recipients as you like just by clicking SEND once.
For More Information, Please go to http://wtepo.wtexpo.com
WTEe.Ctlg (WTE Electronic Catalogue)
WTEe.Ctlg gives you a printable version of your product information (product photo, product description, terms and others). So, instead of sending hard-copy catalogues to potential buyers, now you can ask them to print or download the catalogue (HTML or PDF format) from your website.
For More Information, Please go to http://wtee.wtexpo.com
WTEsm.Mobile (WTE Short Message to Mobile Phone)
  WTEsm.Mobile will alert you through your hand-phone that selected enquiries have been received. This service is only applicable to customers who have mobile phone numbers in Malaysia.
For More Information, Please go to http://wtesm.wtexpo.com
Let us develop your website. We can custom made your website…or you could choose any of our simple or more advanced pre-developed template and website's creator system.
  WTEdw.Builder (WTE Dynamic Website Builder)
Build your own website by choosing ready made templates. WTEdw.Builder offers many attractive templates and many varieties for every industry. Your website design can be change by you at any time.
For More Information, Please go to http://myweb.wtexpo.com
  WTEfw.Creator (WTE Flexi Website Creator)
  WTEfw.Creator allows you to design your own website. It provides blank website layout while you filled the layout with your own designs. WTEfw.Creator has a few website layout for you to choose from.
For More Information, Please go to http://wtefw.wtexpo.com
  WTEbw.Constructor (WTE Basic Website Constructor)
WTEbw.Constructor is the first step for SMI & SME to start their online trade. The website contents can be change by you at any time at any where.
For More Information, Please go to http://wtebw.wtexpo.com
WTEaw.Developer (WTE Advance Website Developer)
WTEaw.Developer is for those of you who would like to have full control on your website designs and layout. You design the website and arrange the location of buttons, texts etc. You can modify your website design, colors and layout anytime you want.
For More Information, Please go to http://wteaw.wtexpo.com
WTEcm.Website (WTE Customized Website)
Here, we will discuss with you your website requirements and design a unique website just for you. Call us and we will be happy to meet you.
For More Information, Please go to http://wtecm.wtexpo.com
WTEec.Grant (WTE e-Commerce Grant Website)
WTEec.Grant is especially for companies that have obtained approval for e-Commerce Grant from the Malaysian government. Website designs are unique for each company and will have e-commerce capabilities.
For More Information, Please go to http://wteec.wtexpo.com

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