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[ Success Stories ]
If you have experienced success using WTExpo.com services, we would like to hear it from you.
The sender of any stories we feature on the WTExpo.com site will receive a "one-month banner advertisement" free of charge.
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Success deal
Within 3 months of using WTExpo.com B2B Marketplace online trading system, we successfully secured a long-term deal from Perak, Malaysia.
Mr. Chan, Craft Tech Metal, manufacturer of stainless steel flatware.
Success deal
Maxonic Mold design and fabricate mold. We receive a lot of genuine business enquiry via WTExpo.com portal and successfully got a big deal from Germany even though we operate from northern Malaysia.
K.W. Cheng, Maxonic Mold, design and fabrication of mold.
Success deal
I’M Tang from Megaprima Co. Ltd. We successfully appoint our first agent in Turkey via WTExpo.com e-marketplace.
Mr. Tang, Megaprima Co. Ltd, manufacturer and trading of textiles.
Success deal
Eysiew got three to four enquiries everyday. One of them was an enquiry from Arab Saudi about a wooden dining set furniture, which is one of Eysiew’s main products.
The negotiation process has some difficulties but we finally agreed to a price that can satisfy both parties. Eysiew subsequently shipped in excess of USD9,000 to the Arab Saudi buyer.
Eysiew is now negotiating with a Japan buyer for wooden chair set for an amount of approximately USD 20,000.
Management of Eysiew International Co.
Success deal
Our first international buyer from Denmark, was obtained from WTExpo.com. Thank you WTExpo.com
HT Tan, Pacific Oriental Industry, manufacturer of plasticware
Thank you
WTExpo.com has been the most practical site generator to me and your kind assistant makes it even better.
Alvin from Sunrise Co. Ltd.
Success deal
WTExpo.com helped us to execute actual export of USD 1 million.
Management of Pacific Oriental Trading
Thank you
Thanks WTExpo.com. We found new and reasonable construction material supplier through your services and we save about USD 300k..."
Lim from SKY Contruction
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