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WTExpo.comYour Gateway to International Market
The World's Largest 365 days/year Online Trade Expo – World’s Trade Expo!
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Buyers from 200 countries are looking for brands, products and sellers at WTExpo.com; and over hundred thousand exporters are advertising their brands, products and services on this website.
Join now as a prime member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

[ Main Benefits ]
Build your own website by using our dynamic and flexible web site developer. The website content can be change by you at any time. WTExpo.com present a lot online website development solution, such as:
Free WTEWxpo.com domain name
  WTEdw.Builder – WTE Dynamic Website Builder
  WTEfw.Creator – WTE Flexible Website Creator
  WTEbw.constructor – WTE Basic Website Constructor
  As Gold Member, you can select the package that you want.
We also give your online web site a free domain name, which is easier for buyers to remember.
  WTEdw.Builder (WTE Dynamic Website Builder)
Build your own website by choosing ready made templates. WTEdw.Builder offers many attractive templates and many varieties for every industry. Your website design can be change by you at any time.
For More Information, Please go to http://myweb.wtexpo.com
  WTEfw.Creator (WTE Flexi Website Creator)
  WTEfw.Creator allows you to design your own website. It provides blank website layout while you filled the layout with your own designs. WTEfw.Creator has a few website layout for you to choose from.
For More Information, Please go to http://wtefw.wtexpo.com
  WTEbw.Constructor (WTE Basic Website Constructor)
WTEbw.Constructor is the first step for SMI & SME to start their online trade. The website contents can be change by you at any time at any where.
For More Information, Please go to http://wtebw.wtexpo.com
Online Product Showroom
WTExpo.com creates automatic Product Showroom which can be updated with new product pictures everyday by members.
Having an online product showroom saves brochure costs, online product showroom has printable version and PDF Format to ensures a 7x24 exposure of your best brands and products to the most appropriate visitor.
Members also can search over hundred thousands product catalogues.
Posted products catalogue are automatically displayed on members “WTE.FreeWeb” homepage.
Post & Search Trade Leads
A member can publish UNLIMITED offers (trade leads) to advertise products, brands and services to WTExpo.com’s large buyer community. With our user-friendly “My WTExpo” control panel, publishing an offer requires only a few minutes.
Members also can search over hundred thousands trade leads.
Posted trade leads are automatically displayed on members “WTE.FreeWeb” homepage.
Post & Search Brands
Members can search over hundred thousands brands and post their own brand.
Posted brands are automatically displayed on members “WTE.FreeWeb” homepage.
Post & Search Company Profiles
Members can search over hundred thousand company profiles “WTE.FreeWeb” and post their own profile.
The Company Profile is the fundamental information for utilizing all the services WTExpo.com offers.
Members can build their own homepage with the user-friendly WTExpo.com Free Web. Posted company profile, product information, trade lead and brand will be automatically displayed here. The free homepage address is a combination of WTExpo.com domain and a specified ID. e.g. http://www.freeweb.wtexpo.com/date/memberID
Specialized Online Feedback Center to Manage Buyer enquiries
When the information (advertisement) you posted receives a buyer's enquiry, our system will immediately send this enquiry to your email inbox.
Trade Alert
Members can receive newly posted offers, brands, products and company information matched with your specified categories and keywords, via email.
My Enquiry Basket
Members can send group of enquiry from Trade Leads, Products, Brands and Company Profiles using Add to Basket trade enquiry system.
My Favorites
The search results of Trade Leads, Products, Brands and Company Profiles can be narrowed down and targeted to your interest and saved in My Favorites folder for future review.
International Buyers & Sellers Visiting Schedule
Spread out to the word! Let all suppliers from the country you're visiting greet you with their best deals.
Open up your options and get the best offer from these suppliers.
Urgent Buyers Enquiry
Your enquiry will be published in special column at WTExpo.com font page and related pages. They will also be forward to our prime and gold member separately.
Buyer Database
As an experienced operator in the business, WTExpo.com now maintains a database of over hundred thousand buyers.
Bring You to Worldwide Tradeshows
WTExpo.com's worldwide Buyer Service Division seeks every opportunity to find new buyers for our seller members. We attend the most popular professional trade shows and exhibitions around the world.
WTExpo.com has a professional customer service team to cope with your online marketing needs.
Contact Us  
If you have any questions, please call us at  
Northern Malaysia Center Malaysia (Klang Village)
Tel No: 604-398 7678 / 604-398 3678 Tel No: 603-8070 8079 / 603-8070 7079
Fax No: 604-398-2678 Fax No: 603-8070 9079
Send email to: customer@WTExpo.com or support@WTExpo.com  
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