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[ Buying Tip ]   [ Welcome To WTExpo.com ]  
On WTExpo.com you can both search and post trade leads, product catalogues, brand and company directory of sellers and buyers.
Register as a free WTExpo.com member and you have access to "My WTExpo – easy management platform for My Enquiry Basket, My Trade Alert, My Favorites, etc" functions.
[ How to Register ]
You can become a WTExpo.com member by simply registering your company information, which will be automatically listed in the WTExpo.com "Company Directory" database.
  1. Visit www.wtexpo.com and click "Join Now" on the right side of the front page.
2. Complete the registration form and click "Submit".
    (All fields with an asterisk * must be completed before submitting.)
For more details of how to register, visit Registration.
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[ Searching and Browsing ]  
You can search for Sellers in "Trade Leads", "Brand", "Product Catalogues" and "Company Directory". You can search by keyword or browse by category.
  Browsing by category
With WTExpo.com, browsing for new info is simple and fun. At each of our industry category homepages you can check out feature products, brand, sellers or browse the latest trade leads (selling leads). As you browse, look at product photos, and read company profiles. With a "My WTExpo" account you can save pages that interest you.
- Click "Industry" on the WTExpo.com main page
- Click 'Trade Lead', 'Brand', 'Product Catalogue' or 'Company Directory' on the WTExpo.com main page
- Click a category to browse. Narrow your search by clicking a sub category.
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Searching by keywords
When you know what you are looking for, you can do a simple search by typing a few search terms (keywords) into the search box and clicking on Search. Use WTExpo.com to search for products, brand, companies or trade leads.
"Trade leads" are members' postings, refreshed continually, inviting others to quote or enquire.
"Brand" is an online showroom of suppliers' brands with graphic images and text descriptions.
"Products" is an online showroom of suppliers' products with graphic images and text descriptions.
"Companies" is an online directory of exporters and importers with introduction of their products & services.
With our advanced search feature you can mix and match parameters for greater search power.
WTExpo.com members can save their favorites search page or category in My Page.
- Enter one or more words in the search box on the WTExpo.com front page.
- Choose 'All WTExpo.com', 'Trade lead', 'Product', 'Brand' or 'Company Directory'
- Click 'Search' button
- Click "View: Sell" to search only sellers' trade leads, products, brand or company directory containing keywords.
*If your search returns no matches, try again using different keywords or use 'Advanced Search'.
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Save to My Category   Save to My Page
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It couldn't be simpler to contact suppliers through WTExpo.com. When a trade lead, company, brand or product interests you, just click enquiry button and enter your My WTExpo.com ID and password and you can send an immediate enquiry to the supplier, asking for a quotation or samples. Without the WTExpo.com ID you also can send an enquiry.
You may choose to make enquiries to several suppliers at once, or individually, using the Add to Basket (Enquiry Basket) enquiry trading system. And don't forget, whenever you see a "Gold Member" logo, you can be sure that the supplier in question has undergone authentication checks.
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[ Post Trade Lead ]  
A Buying Lead is an online invitation to other traders to make you an offer or send you a quotation.
Posting Buying Leads at WTExpo.com is a great way to cut supplier search time, as suppliers strive to be the first to contact you. You can post Buying Leads from the My Trade Leads section of My WTExpo, or from many other pages by clicking on Post Trade Leads, and entering your My WTExpo.com ID and password.
After you publish, all registered WTExpo.com seller members will be able to view your lead and respond accordingly.
Trade leads is composed of offer detail and product description and image.
How to post trade leads
1) Log in at "My WTExpo": www.WTExpo.com/mywtexpo ;
2) Click "Post Trade Lead" in "My Trade Leads"
3) Select business type as "Buy", complete the description and click 'Submit'.
4) You can re-post your trade leads after 7 days.
(Be sure to click "Buy" when you post your information in trade leads. Only click "Sell" when searching for sellers.)
For more details of how to post trade leads, visit Trade Lead Guide
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You also can post urgent buying lead at 'For Buyer' on the WTExpo.com main page.
How to post Urgent buying lead
1) Click 'For Buyer' on the WTExpo.com main page.
2) Click 'Urgent Buyer Enquiry' at the right hand site.
3) Complete the form and click "Submit"
    (All fields with an asterisk * must be completed before submitting.)
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Your company profile and company free web site (WTE.FreeWeb) will automatically be created when you success fully register as WTExpo.com member.
  How do I modify my WTE.FreeWeb?
Log in at "My WTExpo": www.WTExpo.com/mywtexpo ;
Click "WTE.FreeWeb", in "My Home Page";
Modify your Web site description, Keyword and click "Update" to submit when done.
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You can receive e-mail alerts about the type of information and category you are interested in whenever that information is updated on WTExpo.com.
1. Log in at "My WTExpo": www.WTExpo.com/mywtexpo ;
2. Click "Modify Setting", in "My Trade Alert";
3. Modify your alert setting, click "Update" to submit when done.
Select Buyers' Trade leads and Buyers' Company Directory if you're a seller, (and vice versa).
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